Monday, April 8, 2013

Sweet and Sour Pork Sandwiches

Sometimes we need to try something new. At least in my house we do. So since I have been trying to do things a little healthier, I decided to make my own sweet and sour sauce. Its very simple.

Pour one can of diet orange soda, a quarter cup of soy sauce and one teaspoon of ginger paste. Fresh grated ginger works just as well. Let this come to a simmer before adding bite size chunks of pork tenderloin. Simmer the meat covered for 30 minutes or until the internal temperature of the pork is 165°. Uncover and allow the sauce to thicken.

I added half a cup of crushed pineapple before spooning onto a split cibatta loaf. I topped it with white american cheese before popping it into a 400° oven for ten minutes.

The result was a delicious easy meal from my kitchen to your table.

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