Friday, March 8, 2013

Stuffed Pancakes

Sometimes you just get bored. You look in your freezer and sigh. Breakfast is my least favorite meal to make, because I find breakfast food monotonious to prepare. Today I decided to try something new.

The construction of a stuffed pancake is simple. Fry your sausage patty to the crispness you desire. Scramble an egg and fry it into a patty. Aim to make it a little smaller than your sausage patty, but a bit thicker. This can be accomplished by folding the egg over on itself as it cooks. Season the egg patty with pepper and salt.

Remove your eggs and sausage from your griddle or frying pan and prep your cooking surface to make pancakes. I use a griddle so I just used the sausage grease to grease the griddle and provide a non stick zone for my pancakes.

Using your favorite batter, make a pancake the is just a little bit bigger than your sausage patty. As the pancake starts to bubble and is ready to be flipped, place your egg and sausage patty on top and GENTLY press down. Top your egg and sausage with more pancake batter. Carefully flip and allow to cook through.

Now you have a stuffed pancake! Another tasty dish from my kitchen to your table!