Monday, April 8, 2013

Catfish Po'boy Sandwiches

My local butcher shop had fresh catfish nuggets on sale for $1.50 a pound. What is a catfish nugget you ask? Basically the leftover chunks of catfish fillets. Thats why its so cheap. I dont cook a lot of seafood and this was my first time cooking catfish. I am very pleased with how this turned out.

To start, I cut my catfish into bite size chunks, careful to trim off any skin that was left. Then I soaked it in a bowl full of milk to plump it up and leech out any extra fishy flavor.

Then I drained the milk off and prepared my shake n bake. I chose shake n bake for this because I wanted a healthier alternative to breaded, fried fish. I dropped in my catfish pieces and coated them well.

I baked my fish for 35 minutes at 350°. While my fish baked, I prepared the other componants to the sandwiches. Since I bought pre made cole slaw I only needed to jazz it up a bit. I added some hot sauce, cheddar cheese and cracked black pepper. Then I made a special sauce composed of honey mustard, buffalo sauce and sour cream. Then I split my beautiful ciabatta buns.

I put sauce on the buns, then the catfish. I topped the fish with some of my doctored cole slaw. I served these beauties with steamed broccoli and cheese sauce.

This is a delicious and quick meal for the whole family to enjoy. From my kitchen to your table!

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