Thursday, August 16, 2012

French Toast Bake

This dish was more of a Throw What-We-Have-Together-And-Hope-It-Tastes-Good kind of meal. We are running low on everything, and these ingredients went from being your basic breakfast for dinner to a nice casserole all because of my dislike of the smell of burnt toast.

I looked in my cupboard and realized I had half a loaf of unsliced French bread, and that's it. French bread gets pretty crumbly, especially as toast. All those crumbs fall to the bottom of my toaster and burn and stink. So plan B was to cube up the bread.

In a large mixing bowl, I whisked four eggs, cinnamon, a splash of vanilla and some milk. Then I placed all the bread cubes in the egg mixture and coated them well, letting them rest a little bit to make sure they soak up the egg mixture.

While the bread is soaking, fry up ten sausage links. Slice them up and add them to the now coated bread cubes.

Layer the mixture into a greased casserole dish and top with a half a cup of maple syrup. Bake at 350° for 25 minutes. Scoop out and top with more maple syrup. Enjoy this economical and delicious meal from my kitchen to your table!

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