Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yummy Lasagna

Tonight my fiance made dinner and I am so proud of him! His first lasagna! And he did a great job. He also experimented and it turned out great. Instead of ricotta cheese he used a Philadelphia Cooking Creme. While I can't say this was an intentional mistake (he eats ricotta, but doesn't know what it looks like. I got asked where that stuff i smear on the noodles was. My awesome description of "Its on the second shelf!" confused him I guess.) it turned out to be a tasty mistake.

He boiled the noodles in a large pot of water. He also doesn't listen to the back of the box. Once they were almost done I had him drain them. As I kindly reminded him, the noodles will finish cooking in the oven when the lasagna bakes.

He lay his noodles into the bottom of a glass baking dish. He trimmed about an inch off the ends so they lay flat. Then he spread the cooking creme onto the noodles.

While he prepared his noodles, I browned his ground chuck for him. I seasoned it with oregano, Basil and garlic. Then he promptly shooed me out of the kitchen.

He drained the grease from the meat, and added a jar of spaghetti sauce to it. He also added honey, which I have never done. He couldn't find the sugar. I'm pleased to say that honey will be a part of my lasagna recipe from now on.

He spread the meat mixture on top of the cooking creme, liberally. He then sprinkled a generous portion of Cheddar and mozzarella cheeses on top of the meat.

He repeated the layering process three times and placed his creation into our oven, which had been preheated to a toasty 350°.

After forty minutes in the oven, his first ever lasagna was complete, and it was fantastic.

Was it fancy? Not even close. But he did go into that kitchen determined to make dinner and he succeeded. It certainly wasn't traditional, but I really cannot stress enough that cooking is something you should take the time to enjoy. He experimented, guesstimated and flat out threw ingredients together. But he had fun and was so proud. Take joy in your cooking and always be adventerous. And as always, have fun and cook with your kids. Here's another great meal from my kitchen to your table!

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