Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leftovers To The Rescue

I had a beautiful dinner planned for tonight. Tune in tomorrow for that one! Haha. My chicken breasts were sitting in the freezer, completely overlooked by me, until I went to cook dinner and said whoops. Since I refuse to defrost chicken in the microwave I had to come up with something quick. A quick scan of my fridge revealed... payday is still two days away. Ha. However it also revealed a leftover whole chicken (minus his legs and wings) and some shredded cheese so I scanned my pantry and found tortillas, a can of olives, a can of refried beans and an onion.

So today's entry is how a simple chicken carcass made the great leap from garbage bound to a delish dish in less than half an hour.

Take the chicken meat off the bone and shred it up with a fork. Make sure you take the skin off. Heat it up in the microwave before stirring in some taco seasoning.

Warm up your refried beans before spreading them onto a tortilla. Pile on your chicken, onions, olives cheese and sour cream.

You now have a delectable leftover remake. So just remember, the possibilities are endless when it comes to leftovers so don't let them go to waste! Voila! A great and easy meal from my kitchen to your table!

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