Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Creamy Crock Pot Golumpki Casserole

I am aware that the picture above is less than appetizing. It's a rather nondescript bowl of reddish glop. But I'm telling you, it's rather delicious. Perhaps you're familiar with cabbage rolls, or as I grew up calling them, golumpkis? For those who aren't, a golumpki is seasoned ground beef, rice and onions held together with an egg, wrapped in a cabbage leaf, covered in a tomato sauce. Bake them until delicious and enjoy. There's parboiling of cabbage, rolling of the cabbage and meat mixture, so much work. Don't get me wrong. It's worth it. Sooooo worth it. They taste so good, you may want to slap your matka! Haha. Polish joke, because golumpkis are Polish? Eh my comedic genius goes ignored.

But in all honesty, I was busy today. And wanted golumpkis. No time for all the prep work. Hmmmm. So I turned to my beloved crockpot and had a lightbulb moment. I put my pound of ground chuck in the crock pot with three cups of beef broth, some garlic powder, dried basil, salt, pepper, onion powder and a tiny bit of chili powder. 

Let that cook for an hour before adding two cups of uncooked rice, a sliced medium sized onion and let that cook for two hours. 

Chop up about two cups of cabbage. I used red cabbage because I had it. Green is just fine though. Add your chopped cabbage into the crock pot and allow to cook for another hour. 

Your casserole is nearly done! Just add in one can of tomato soup, a tablespoon of sugar and four ounces of sour cream. Now sour cream isn't really a traditional part of golumpkis but mmm is it good! Let this cook another ten minutes and boom! A delicious and easy meal from my kitchen to your table!

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