Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cream cheese stuffed pistachio monkey bread

So that's one heck of a title huh? It's soooo good though. If not a little... Green. Guess who doesn't own a bundt pan. Yeah. Me. So I used my cute little, uh, 8x8 square brownie pan. Lame, I know.

So you start with 15 frozen yeast rolls. Follow the directions and let them rise naturally. None of this quick rise nonsense. Once they've more than doubled in size, rip those babies in half! Yay! Now we have thirty blobs of dough. Yes? Yes. 

Now cut a chilled brick of cream cheese into thirty pieces. Oh yes. 30. Easiest way to do this is to cut the brick into ten even slices and slice each slice into three slices. Slices slices slices! 

Now, flatten each dough ball into a disc. Place a slice of cream cheese on that disc. Cover the cream cheese. Roll back into a ball. Repeat 29 times!

Now take one cup sugar and three teaspoons of ground cinnamon and mix them together. Place this mixture into a bowl or plate. Roll each individual ball of dough into the mixture until it's all coated. Now place these coated dough balls into a greased pan. Once you complete a layer sprinkle two tablespoons of pistachio pudding mix over top of them, as evenly as possible. 

Then take half a stick of melted butter and pour it all over! The dough balls. Not like, on the floor. OR if you're lucky enough to have spray margarine in your fridge like I do, spray each dough ball twice. Yeah that unpleasant green color appeared didn't it? Still super tasty though!

Repeat this process for each layer. I had two. Bake your green blobs of deliciousness for 25 minutes on 350. Now you have all these puffy pull apart gooey tasty blobs that have melted cream cheese in the middle. Mmm! 

So there you have it! An easy snack from my kitchen to your table! 

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