Sunday, December 30, 2012

Homemade Crunchwrap Recipe

My guilty pleasure is Taco Bell, something my husband and I have in common. Homemade tacos are divine but such delicacies as the Mexican Pizza and The Chalupa can't be denied. We rarely indulge in this massacre of traditional foods. Tonight my husband wanted to indulge. He said he wanted a crunchwrap. As soon as he said it, I couldn't agree more. Crunchwraps are pretty fantastic.

I decided we couldn't go out... we're broke until Friday. So my solution was to make homemade crunchwraps. I had ground chuck, burrito shells, lettuce, black olives, refried beans, queso dip and onions. But what about the flat crispy shell that puts the crunch in crunchwrap? I ended up using hard taco shells split in half.

Fry up your meat like you would for tacos, along with half a cup of diced onions. I then ran my meat through my ninja chopper, to create an even texture and to mimic taco bell even better.

Spread a thin layer of refried beans onto a tortilla, creating about a four inch circle. Top with your meat, queso cheese, them your halved hard taco shell. Then spread on a layer of sour cream, your black olives (we used the pre chopped) and lettuce.

Folding the crunchwraps was easier than I expected. Simply fold one side in and continue folding over in a circular motion. You'll end up with a hexagon.

Flip your freshly folded crunchwraps over and let them rest for a minute. Now they wont try to unfold on you! Spray your pan or griddle with non stick cooking spray and allow them to cook over medium heat for four minutes on each side.

What you have now is a fantastic homemade crunchwrap. I hope you enjoy these copycat crunchwraps as much as my family did! Another great dish from my kitchen to your table!

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